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Welcome to Your Soul's Well!

Your Soul’s Well came forth from the knowing that the part of you that is your Source essence, your Soul, is and always has been well. There is nothing you need to do or get outside of yourself to achieve this wellness. It is in remembering and in re-aligning ourselves with this truth that we awaken to the knowledge that made in the image and likeness of Creator we are healthy, whole, and complete exactly as we are. From here falls away the idea of doing to be, and the Being emerges, enlivened and revitalized with a new found purpose and Spirit-led direction. Your Soul’s Well is that still center within yourself that is the Great Divine. 

It is only our ego that separates us into these pieces that say; “I am not worthy”,  “I am not enough”, “I am not complete”, “I am broken”, “I am wounded”, thus leaving us to feel as if we are fragmented beings operating in a disconnected existence. Essentially our true nature is that of health and happiness, of wholeness and prosperity, divinely sourced and fed by our Creator-Love-Being. Some call this God, some call it Source, some call it Love, some call it Energy, others call it Consciousness, others still don’t ascribe any name to it. Whatever the name it is or it is not called it is the All, The One.  

Your Soul’s Well recognizes that the well of your Soul is this Creator, Source of All!  That this well of good, of God is of unfathomable depths and from there we draw from an infinite supply of this health and happiness, of abundance and of joy; that we may continue to draw from this resplendent and infinite supply and there will still be more, and then still more; that when 8 billion humans on our beloved Mother Earth-Gaia draw from this well there will still be more to draw from, and then still more; that this well is our eternal source, from which we are birthed and to which we return when our journey here is complete.  

Your Soul’s Well recognizes that all healing is from and comes through God. That God’s infinite, omnipresent wisdom and knowledge knows how to best heal us, how to best use us, how to best lead us.  

Your Soul’s Well recognizes that we are loved beyond our wildest imaginations.

Your Soul’s Well is here to help you realize this Truth within you that you are already enough! That all you need do is remember, really remember, this truth and align to this power already given to you – this power that you already are.

My name is Vivia and I am so happy you found Your Soul’s Well! This website itself has been over a 10 labour of love and birthing process nevermind my work and my own process! Whether you are simply here to read some prayers or you choose to hire me to help you with a reading or some energy work, it is my honour and pleasure to help you on your journey! It is a blessing to be here on the planet with you at ALL at this most auspicious time of our collective awakening!

Much love and light to you!


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