Just A Little About Me

It was well over 20 years ago when I first started to have an idea that I wanted to enter the world of energy “medicine”. I knew I lacked for purpose and I craved meaning and satisfaction in my work. I found Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life and soon after found the work of other amazing people in this field!  I was instantly in love with ‘energy medicine’ and ‘working in and with energy! I could not deny the awakening that was taking place within me and the resonance I had with many of the teachings within this vast field. I can say that Louise Hay and her teachings with affirmations became the start of my work in this field. From there I actively searched out people who were teaching courses in the alternative healing field my area. I took my first course in Human Energy Anatomy in the early spring of 2004 and I have never looked back. As soon as I started looking for others in this field I found a world of like-minded people, engaging conversations in the art of healing and knowledge beyond what I could imagine.  

Since that first course back in 2004, Spirit not only opened the door for me but kicked me through it as the next few courses I took were completely paid for and offered to me as gifts, including Thought Field Therapy, Theta Healing and Psychology Kinesiology®. I went on to study Quantum Biofeeback as well as Life Coaching and other modalities. 

I think I have always been an intuitive reader but professionally, I started energy readings, and work in the healing field in 2004. When I took on reading energy through cards I found that I was enamored with archetypal symbols. I loved and still love the way that Spirit with the help of a card, an image or a symbol can bring a message through at the right time. These messages have aided countless people on their path of awakening and I am grateful and humbled to be a messenger for the Great Divine.

Like many people in the area of holistic health, I am on the journey of perpetual learning, growth and change. I love taking new courses that I can apply to my life, my practice and to integrate into my work with my clients. 

I love this field! I love how it is ever expanding with new people, ideas and modalities every day it seems! I love working with people and helping them on their paths of self discovery and awareness. I am passionate about the process of transformation! Watching it happen to my clients, knowing that I have had a part in their awakening and healing gives me great purpose and tremendous belief in our power as humans! 

If you feel drawn to the work that I do it would be my honor and pleasure to assist you in your process.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me!

May you be blessed on your path of healing and awakening! 

Vivia de Souza