Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) uses the meridians of energy that flow through the human body to achieve wellness. Negative beliefs which often have their root in emotional trauma are stored as emotions along the meridians causing disruption to the energy field. This disruption in the energy field then cascades down into the physical reality of the person creating disharmony and often times the feeling and experiences of being stuck. Whether you are stuck in a cycle of negative and self-defeating emotions, stuck in a job you hate, or in a relationship that is long past it’s expiry date, EFT can help you out of a rut and move you on your path forward. 

How does EFT work? 

First the problem is identified and while the client is focused on the problem using a series of tapping on the power points the energy flow of the meridian is restored thus helping to eliminate the belief and trapped emotions. This method is known as Acupressure. 

EFT is gentle, effective, non-invasive and powerful. EFT is used widely around the world for relief of grief, anxiety trauma, PTSD, depression and more. 

EFT sessions typically last an hour and are booked out at $157 per session.