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Natal Chart Reading

Your natal, or birth chart as it is often called, is a snap shot of the sky at the precise moment of your birth and is depicted as a diagram. It can be considered a cosmic map of all the celestial bodies and their exact location at the moment of time you were born onto Earth and into physical existence. With the use of the science of Astronomy we can calculate with precision the exact locations of each planet, asteroid, and even the Galactic Centre and transpose them into charts and graphs that make up this cosmic map of your Soul’s incarnation onto Earth at this point in space-time Creation.

A natal chart reading gives us tremendous insight into ourselves and helps us answer ageless questions such as: Why am I here? What is my purpose? A reading can help you understand your strengths and challenges in a new way. It can help you understand why you choose certain patterns repetitively. It can help you make better decisions about relationships, work, and money. It shed light on talents hidden within you.

The calculation of your birth chart requires the place of birth and your date including the exact time of birth. If you don’t have your exact birth time the natal chart can still be cast. Although certain things like the ascendant and points and information derived from the ascendant, such as house placements can not be calculated without the exact time of birth, there is still a wealth of information that can be delineated through your natal chart.

Regardless of whether you know your time of birth or not, I would highly recommend a chart reading if you are seeking answers on your path or would like more insight into yourself from an astrological perception.

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