Title Neptune Stations Direct at 24 degrees and 53 minutes of Pisces. Neptune And Pisces symbols


Neptune Stations Direct At 24 Degrees and 53 Minutes of Pisces

In Astrology, Neptune is the planet of illusion and mystery, of high-vision mysticism as well as low-level deception. It has dominion over things like photography, cinematography, theatre, glamour, music and known as the higher octave of Venus it exudes great influence over the arts. Although, I’m convinced that Venus is still the main star of that show!

Neptune Planet

Hidden Power

Its power is invisible, elusive, and subconscious.

Hides In Water

Its watery depths likes to hide things and just because this planet is now in direct motion doesn’t mean that this quality of Neptune ends. Quite the contrary as in direct motion its full characteristics should be known and felt all the more powerful.

Your Sensitivity Is Key

Depending on how sensitive you are to Neptune you may or may not be feeling its recent direct motion. This is contingent upon several factors like where Neptune is in your unique birth chart; Its placement by sign and house as well as the aspects to it all paint a picture of your connection to Neptune and its influence on you.

Key Points

Let’s also remember a few key points on Neptune, Astrology and planetary movements in Astrology:

Planetary Stations

When planets station, either direct or retrograde it is a minimum of a few days for the planet to really get moving in the other direction again. During this brief time the planet may be felt stronger.

Outer Planetary Movement

The outer planets, like Neptune, move slower and take longer to pick up speed and movement and this could be contributing to your feeling of it still being in retrograde.

Shadow Periods

All planets have to pass through their shadow area after their retrograde period before they are clear and into new territory. As it passes through this area of the chart, and therefore your life, this may have you feeling like you’ve been here and done this before. Well, you know Neptune does rule over Deja-Vu so it’s not surprising that you may feel this way. On the plus side it creates a beautiful opportunity to go back over situations in life and to redo them and in Neptune’s case it is opportunity to re-imagine possibility. Neptune won’t clear its shadow until the end of March 2024 so you have three and a half months to go back over the area of your life where Pisces lives.

Neptune’s Shadow is Longer

Again, because Neptune is farther out and slower it will take longer to clear its shadow than planets like Mercury that retrogrades more often and clears its shadow faster.

Your Own Chart Matters

There are several factors to consider about feeling or not feeling planet Neptune’s recent direction change. Whether you feel it or not will depend on factors such as these as well as its placement within your own Natal chart.

Not A Personal Planet

Considering that Neptune is not a personal planet it may be more difficult for some people to sense its movement and impact in their life at all. The placement of Neptune in your own chart, how prominent it is, its condition; the aspects it has nataly as well as the aspects the transit Neptune is making to your chart all help determine how strong you feel it and where in your life you will feel it.

Jupiter Rules Pisces By Traditional Astrology

Another thing to keep in mind is that Neptune is in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Pisces and Jupiter is still in retrograde until the end of December this year. This adds to the feeling that not much is moving in the areas of your chart where Neptune is at 22 degrees and 53 minutes of Pisces.

Neptune Retrograde On June 30, 2023

With Neptune being retrograde since June 30th of this year you may have felt less creative or inspired. You may have felt stuck in areas where you may normally have lots to give for such inspiration. You may have lost interest in things such as mediation, or spirituality or felt a disconnection from the divine. A lack of dreams can result for some when Neptune goes into retrograde. These things can be common with this transit.

Revival of Areas Where Neptune Is

If you have been experiencing this for the past five months then Neptune’s forward motion should help revive these areas of your life. This may be a renewed period of imagination, illumination and synchronicities for you. You may for the next six and a half months, while it is moving direct, have new spiritual awakenings, deeper Soul knowings and more alignment with your spiritual path.

The Truth About Astrology

Since Neptune can represent illusion, deception and all out blatant lies let’s talk about its polar opposite – truth. Most importantly here, today, in this post let’s talk about the truth about Astrology and the real truth is that speaking in such generalities about Astrology doesn’t always do Astrology justice because true Astrology it is far more complex and nuanced than what is known as cookbook, pop-Astrology. And the truth also is that these types of predictions are hard to say with certainty without looking at your chart because everyone is an individual as is depicted by their birth chart. Let’s say for example you were born with Neptune in retrograde, then transit Neptune going retrograde may not have as drastic affect on you than on someone born with Neptune direct and its direct motion may actually impact you more.

It All Depends On You

Whether you feel it or not actually depends on you! How Neptune is placed in your chart, its strength, the areas it rules over, its condition all contribute to how it impresses upon you and whether it helps or hinders you.

Learn Your Personal Astrology

If you want to learn more about Neptune and its affects in your life you can book an astrology reading with me. Learn about yourself through the lens of Astrology; where your natal Neptune lies, where the transit Neptune is and how this will help or challenge you for the year ahead!

Well, you are here at the end of my post and I’m ever so grateful!!! Thanks for taking the time to be here and read my work!!

Many Blessings to you and yours!!

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